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Zeroing On Your Privacy

Our state-of-the-art verifiable computing technology ensures that sensitive information remains confidential.

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Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Accelerate Your Privacy.

Imagine being able to prove anything to anyone without sharing the actual data.

Our hardware is a powerful tool for improving privacy, unlocking knowledge without revealing sensitive information.

High Performance

The fastest coprocessor to generate and validate proofs.


We are ready to handle increasing data and growing user demand.


We are compatible with a wide range of protocols, making it easier for users to integrate into existing infrastructure.


We offer robust security features, such as tamper-resistant hardware, secure key storage, and more.

User Friendly

Easy to use. We want to become the "Arduino" of ZKP.

Cost Effective

Designed to minimize the carbon footprint and its energy requirements.

Take privacy to the next level with Copepod. Enjoy fast, secure protection of sensitive information without sacrificing performance.


VC Partner

Walking the path together

We’re here to help

At Copepod, we believe in walking the path together with our customers.

From the initial setup to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, our team is here to help.