Securing IoT Networks From the Inside

A robust and efficient security system designed for data critical edge computing nodes.

Critical IoT platforms

Advanced security for restricted systems.

IoT networks enable unparalleled connectivity and data based insights.

Go beyond encrypting communications by providing device authentication and transparency without transferring a single bit of sensitive information.


Advanced Anonymity

Zero Knowledge Proof protocol ensures your devices are authenticated without compromising privacy..


Unmatched Data Integrity

Our blockchain technology guarantees that your data is tamper-proof and unchangeable.


End-to-End Encryption

Our encryption technology ensures that your data is secure from end to end, protecting it from malicious activity.


Easy Integration

Our SDK can be easily integrated into any IoT device, making it simple to add advanced security features.


Efficient implementation

Designed to run on edge devices with limited resources.

Existing IoT systems lack robust security measures that protect against data breaches, modification attacks, and availability attacks, exposing users and devices to significant risk.

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